Friday, 25 July 2008

Kapowwow is now online

I have finally found the website for Kapowwow! I went into No-One in Shoreditch a couple of weekends ago to see if any more neck ruffles had come in and apparently some are on order, I can't wait to snap one up.

For those who have no idea what I am talking about, i first blogged about Kapowwow after seeing a blog about the Roisin Murphy video 'You Know Me Better' detailing where all the clothes came from. Needless to say, Roisin is wearing a neck ruffle by Kapowwow in her vid.

Here's some blurb from the site:

inspired by jacobian ruffs & natural structures such as: fruit & coral KA/POW/WOW neckpieces are exquisitely organic in form and spirit. each piece is meticulously hand crafted with love from reclaimed textiles sourced from charity shops & via the vast london on-line network: freecycle. KA/POW/WOW objects are clever and a bit kooky.

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